Where we stand in regards to COVID

A note to our families,

We all respond differently when crisis hits. Some of us flip into a fix it” mode. Others prefer to remain quiet or use the time to re-invent the way it us to be –either by choice or not. I can only speak for our practice response to this pandemic. From the moment it started, our team met and planned for the if and when”. We follow the information as it came available to us. We completed endless hours of continuous education looking not only for a better understanding of the virus but of the impact it would have in our practice and families. We also studied treatment alternatives and patient schedule protocols to comply with guidelines while providing the best available treatment to our patients. We put our hearts and souls in doing the best we could. we doing a perfect job? Of course not….In time of crisis, it’s essential to not lose sight of our human side. We are not perfect but are still working to do the best we can under the circumstances. I am a big fan of the author Brene Brown and a true believer of the power of vulnerability. Let me share my feeling and thoughts with you…

-I am thrilled to be back!

-I am excited to offer more non-invasive treatment alternatives for our patients.

-I don’t necessarily enjoy all the extra PPE, but there is no other choice!

-I miss having children coloring on the dry erase wall and playing in the magnetic wall.

-Gosh,I miss the hugs and hands-on silly games.

-I have been sad, nervous and now happy but still worried.

-I worry about my kids and the impact this craziness has on them.

-I worry about the parents; as a parent I can understand how you feel.

-One of my biggest worries is the well being of my staff. I don’t want them to get burnt out. Please handle them” with care. They are amazing and they are doing a heck of a job!!!!!!

So let’s do this…

…let’s comply with COVID world’s rules. I recognize there are exceptions to every rule. All I ask is that you communicate your needs ahead of time so we can better serve you. Please don’t get mad or defensive-work with us! A simple I just don’t want to” is not going to cut it as we must err on the side of safety.

…let’s embrace the changes and welcome them as an opportunity to grow.

…let’s be understanding and respectful of each other’s burdens and try to not to make them worse.

…let’s be patient as much come to those who wait.

…and let’s hope that we can play and hug each other again, sooner rather than later but understanding it is not our call.

Yours truly,

Dr. Marie

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