How Diet Can Affect Your Child's Teeth

As you can probably imagine, a steady diet of candy, treats and sugar-loaded drinks is NOT the best scenario for the dental health of your child!

Healthy eating habits directly affect the health of your child’s teeth. Just like the rest of your child’s growing body, bones, teeth and soft tissues of the mouth require well-balanced diet. We recommend children eat a range of foods from the five major food groups.

Most snacks, treats and sugar-coated candies lead to the formation of cavities. Remember, the more junk food and unhealthy foods your child consumes, the greater the chance of tooth decay.

Did you know that the length of time food stays in the mouth plays a major role in the prevention or encouragement of cavities? Take hard or sticky candy for example. These stay in the mouth a substantial length of time, and this can lead to prolonged acid attacks on the tooth enamel. Staying away from these types of long-staying foods can also increase dental health.

Assist your children by offering them nutritious snacks such as low-fat yogurt, vegetables and even low-fat cheese, all of which are healthier and promote your child’s dental health.

Pro Tip: Many people equate “healthy” with “boring,” but this doesn’t have to be the case. Try to find sweet yet healthy alternatives to sugary snacks and keep these in your home for snack time. There are a variety of sweet snack foods available without having to take a trip down the candy aisle.