Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Many parents are unaware of a serious form of tooth decay in infants, babies and young children known as Baby Bottle Tooth Decay. This can occur when your young child’s teeth are exposed to sugary liquids for long periods of time. Even liquids like breast milk, fruit juice and formula contain notable levels of sugar. Prolonged exposure to these and other sugary liquids can encourage the development of cavities.

If you put your baby down at night or even for a nap and give him or her bottle as a comforter, think before you do this: are you giving them a bottle containing any amount of sugar? Since the child is lying, the sugary liquid will be even more likely to pool around the child’s teeth, enhancing the opportunity for plaque to produce the acid attacks that break down tooth enamel.

A good rule of thumb – have teeth brushing as the last step in the prep-for-bed routine each night. This is a simple, practical way to ensure sugar is eliminated from the mouth, along with the increased risk of tooth decay.